Thursday, August 31, 2006

Position eliminated

My KM was officially eliminated at the beginning of August. A number of factors contributed including a large reduction in revenue and a new director. However, the reality of it was that it was time. I had served in the cultural and organizational change role since 1994. It is said that a new employee is most effective in making changes for the first six months. Yet I served in this role for twelve years.

Launching innovation in an organization takes a huge effort and if done well, the effort goes unnoticed. As a change agent, you're constantly pushing against the natural instinct to resist change. A management consultant once said to me, "you keep getting bloodied, yet win the war." Looking back, there has been some amazing changes. They happened much slower that I would have liked, but they did occur.

Over the next few months, I plan to do some consulting (feel free to contact me) and move forward with a project long over due, my songwriting website.

I will only be updating this blog on occasion.