Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Strategy rollout

When too many things happen, the last thing that gets attention is my blog. I better correct that!

On March 1, a major step was taken - rolling out the KM strategy in an all-staff presentation. Since I've been planning this for a long time, I was able to use language that everyone from technical staff to administrative staff could understand. I received a number of complements and only could see one face with a scowl in the crowd.

Points that I covered in my presentation (if I every upgrade my blog I can include slides):

- How we defined knowledge and knowledge management (along with examples of our organizational knowledge)
- How the program is structured (who reports to who)
- How this ties to our organizational goals
- Specific strategies
- Common myths

A major theme I hoped I got across is that KM is everyone's job. My role is to coordinate this for the organization, however, it's the individuals contribution that makes things go. I also stressed that we've been doing KM for a long time, the major difference is that instead of doing it ad-hoc, we now have a focus for our organization.