Tuesday, April 18, 2006

CMS - wellness check

I received an e-mail about a "health fair for employees" next week. It's appropriate since we have a Stellent consultant onsite today doing a CMS health check. Our systems has been live for about 6 months and have a number of minor bugs that we want to get to a resolution quickly. If we find bugs next week, than we'll really want quick resolution!

The great thing about have theconsultant onsite, is that he's able to work directly with support staff (who are his friends), checks everything out, and identify where the problem is. Items that are support issues have been tagged and it's really clear that it's their issue not ours. Having someone "on the ground" here adds credibility and urgency to our issues. We also have the additional support of Stellent project manager, since these issues now became his issues also.

While we have a resource on site, we're also starting our high level planning for Site Studio implementation and some minor customizations. It looks like Site Studio is going to be a little larger challenge since they don't support .net, which our web site is built on. The words major redesign and a lot of effort send shivers down my spine.

Hope the patient will survive (both this week and next week).


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