Monday, March 27, 2006

KM update

With so many things going on its hard to keep my blog updated. Here's a small sampling.
  • Obtained agreement among managers on our priorities for KM activities.
  • Purchased a MS LiveMeetings virtual meeting room. We can now host web conferences for up to 250 participants and are in the process of planning 4 webcasts for this year. We can also use this tool for smaller, interactive meetings. More on this as planning gets underway.
  • We have developed an internal team to develop a strategy to get our researchers (external) to start submitting content on our collaborative site. This strategy will tie together people, processes and technology in order to achieve a larger goal of getting updated content on the web. The first step is getting our content submitted directly into our CMS.
  • Our collaborative site was hacked into. It seems like some industrious hacker used our collaborative site (which is being hosted externally) as a pass through. We lost access to our project files for two days while this was being addressed.
  • Moving forward on a project to document the past successes of our organization. We're using a contractor to interview some of our past researchers and industry leaders to document this mostly anecdotal information.

The list goes on, but I better get back to work.


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