Monday, January 30, 2006

Capturing knowledge - part 2

My daughter and her friend got first prize in the science fair!! We were very nervous after seeing the quality of other displays. Most were much more impressive. Their display look like a small bungalow hidden between high rise condo's. Factors that helped in judging were:

1) Kept it visual, not textual - The display was mainly pictures and graphics, with an example filter and testing equipment. You could scan and understand the project quickly. Many of the other exhibits had pages of text and required extensive reading in order to understand what was going on.

2) In the language of the audience - It was obvious that the kids did all the work. All terms used were in the language of a 2nd grader, not something so impressive that it took a Ph.D. to understand.

3) Understood the real-world application - They understood the difference between our filters and what's used in practice because we toured our local water treatment plant. By leaving the lab and seeing the real-world, they knew reality as well as theory.

4) Enthusiasm and clear explanations - Most importantly they did a great job explaining the project to all who asked. Their excitement was obvious as well their understanding of the subject matter.

This was a great learning experience for them and a good KM lesson for me.


At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Ellen said...

Congratulations to your daughter and her friend. Your daughter is already following in your footsteps of being fascinated by the pursuit of knowledge.


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