Wednesday, December 14, 2005

CMS expectations

I ran across some notes in one of my old innovation files that reminds me to be careful of expectations. It describes the "phases of commercialization" to be:

1) Recognition - The idea that a technology can provide the solution needed
2) Overhype - In order to move the idea forward, it's potential is emphasized
3) Disillusionment - When it doesn't live up to the hype
4) Improved understanding - More realistic expectations based on practical experience
5) Realistic investment - Sustainable use of the technology

A key factor in the success of a product is how long it takes from the original hype to meeting realistic expectations? Excitement is generated around the potential benefits, delivery on these benefits is how success is judged. The time between system start-up and being fully functional is where you need to worry about disillusionment, i.e. loss of support for moving forward.

We're just getting started and we've still a long way to go before meeting the promise of our system. We'll get there, but it's going to take time. Making sure that our stakeholders understand this is important.


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