Tuesday, November 01, 2005

CMS - continuing training

We're about three weeks into the CMS implementation. As we should have expected there have been a number of "how-do-I" questions. Our administrator is doing a good job of working with staff on a one-to-one basis, however, this is taking a lot of time. We also sent out some tips via e-mail. However, with the large number of e-mails folks are getting, the message doesn't always get out via e-mail. Other things we will be doing are:

1) A 10 minute "tips" presentation at each monthly all-staff meeting. The goal will be to show folks how to respond to some of the FAQs. Luckily our executive director has gone though an implementation before and is all in favor of this.
2) Offer a 15-30 minute session at regularly scheduled unit meetings to go over features of most interest to that group. This way we can offer more indepth training without scheduling another meeting.
3) Adding a "FAQ about the CMS" folder in our contributions folder for answers to common staff questions.

The lesson here is for a successful implementation, don't just train once and walk away. Continually train!!!!


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