Thursday, August 25, 2005

A leader

We had the retirement party for our executive director yesterday. In essence he started our organization and without doubt is responsible for our current success. So what made him a successful leader? Here are some of things that were said about him:

- Visionary - He had a strong vision of the future
- Innovative - Implemented ideas that were thought to be crazy at the time. The model for our organization has been copied by at least 8 other organizations. He also encouraged innovative among all staff.
- Decisive - Could make quick decisions, but still be could be persuaded to change his mind if you gave a strong enough justification.
- Allowed people to do their job - He set forth the vision and goals and then let staff do their job.
- Loyalty - Believed in his staff. Because of this we have been a very stable organization
- Set the tone - There is a balance of personal and business relationships. Most of our partnerships started with personal understanding and trust. At meetings, there was always humor.
- Asked good questions - Always seemed to ask the obvious questions that were overlooked.
- "The success of the individual, is judged by the success of the organization." - He was very humble and put the organization's success as top priority.
- Positive - His final statement at the party was something like "We are the best organization in the world and we've done it by hiring the best people who are committed to our mission."


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