Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The IT KM conundrum

I've been pondering the relationship between information technology (IT) and knowledge management (KM)? Our organization has defined KM as managing the flow of information among our staff, customers, and other stakeholders. It's very clear that KM is not just technology, but where's the line between technology and KM?

I received an interesting e-mail today that IT staff are going to be developing the organization's IT plan. In the next few minutes, I had a parade in my office of folks asking questions. The situation in our office is that we have an IT group housed in administration and KM technologies (Web and CMS) housed in Technology Transfer. While most times these folks work well together, these artificial boundaries at times become real boundaries. When TT first mentioned the idea of an overall IT strategy, IT objected. Now IT says they are going to develop a strategy and it's TT's turn.

The whole issue boils down to these groups not being connected. These individuals need to be as connected as their systems need to be connected. The IT strategy is a good example. From a technological perspective it's clear that the expertise in both groups should be harnessed. From a business perspective, the organization's business strategy (which KM is one component) needs to be the core. The challenge will now be to bring all these groups together on the strategy.



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