Thursday, June 23, 2005

Completed key items, now I can enjoy my vacation

I'm getting ready for vacation and doing a lot of last minute wrap-up items. Many of the items that have been flux are being wrapped up. These items were:

1) We have come to agreement with our sister organization on how to scan legacy final reports. With all the go-aheads obtained, we can now start the 3 month process to get 90,000 pages from over 450 documents into electronic form. We still need to have some business decisions made, but we can get the process underway.

2) Agreed on the design of a new bulletin board for the web site. In one side discussion, we discussed ways to increase the content in our calendar. Another side discussion, that I need to follow-up on in coming weeks is the need to develop information reporting criteria for our partnership projects. What once was an occasional item has now become a large part of how we do business.

3) We just completed a beta-testing of our scientific keywords. This was an extremely valuable exercise and the results will be used by the team in the next two weeks to revise our keywords. We also discussed tagging all our projects and we're on target to have this completed by the end of July. This feedback decided the outcome of the war, peace at last!

4) Our communications and research staff are working together to develop a communications plan for a project that will have high interest to the public. The need for this was identified in one of our unit sharing meetings but getting to the planning took a lot of prodding. Everyone is now on the same page and happily working together.

5) Staff are migrating files to the temporary directory, prior to migration into the CMS. The deadline is July 1, and it seems like the majority of folks are complying (even our senior managers). I just better get done by the end of the day tomorrow or I'm in big trouble.

It's great to head out on vacation with things seemingly on a good path. Of course all hell will break loose while I'm away. I just hope it's all resolved by the time I return refreshed.


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