Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Getting back on track

The sun's finally back and things are looking up again.

Following the discussions last week, we've gotten back on track by scheduling meetings (my favorite thing) to identify all the new initiatives and decide the priorities. Therefore, instead of reacting to "one more item" we can place each item in its priority for the organization.

Today at our all staff meeting we officially launched the migration of organizational files to the CMS. Surprisingly, we had a warm reception with only one or two scowls in the crowd. Of course I did make numerous statements about our awareness of workload issues and the need to coordinate with unit managers (I feel like a politician, yuk!). Folks had a lot of fun when we introduced the concept of "getting rid of the ROT" (redundant, trivial and outdated files). The first suggestion was to get rid of the KM Coordinator.

The silver lining or lesson learned is to take advantage of a break (like to weekend) to get things back on track. After folks had a chance to express their frustration last week, they were very amenable to talking calmly this week on how to move forward.


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