Friday, April 29, 2005

The implementation backstep

It's been cloudy for three days. In Denver this is rare and it's really showing up in people's attitudes. While we typically works together well, there are some cranky people here today.

I'm coining today's post the implementation back step. While this should be expected, I didn't.

The past few days I've been getting a lot of pressure from managers to slow things down and also to mediate numerous little conflicts. What's happening is that the change we've been planning for is finally here (add the weather and the disruption in the force [yesterday's post] and there's bound to be trouble). People are nervous about the change, afraid for their jobs, and worried about the workload. Managers, upon hearing the complaints from their staff are in turn reacting, scrambling to get us to slow down and reduce the pressure. The involvement, consensus, and goals we built up front is temporarily being forgotten.

The silver lining is that because we've built consensus upfront, people are coming to me with their concerns instead of the behind the scenes sabotage. The challenge for me is to not take things personally and to reassure people.

Sound like fun? I'm going somewhere sunny!


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