Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cleaning up the ROT

I'm moving my files to the temporary directory in preparation for the CMS. With the deadline being July 1, I better get started.

My job is to clean up the ROT (redundant, outdated and trivial files). Since I've been with AwwaRF for over 17 years I've got a lot of ROT. Some files can't even been read by current software.

Some observations from this process are:

1. The need for a good naming convention and file structure - I have to go into a lot of files to see what they were all about.
2. The need for version control - It's amazing how many outdated versions I have.
3. Redundant material - I found the same file in many locations
4. Finding gold - In reviewing old files, I found a large number on my past journeys with the organization. Some example include information on the barriers to the implementation of research, surveys, analyzing benefits, and thoughts on the mission of our organization. Many of the items have been accomplished, but a few still need to be addressed.


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