Friday, October 28, 2005

Web cast update

We're moving forward with a web cast, scheduled for December 6. We chose MS Live Meetings as our provider and are using their package that includes an event planner. As part of our packager we get a 90 minute training session, a dress rehearsal, and the actual event. They are also handling the event registration and building the web registration page. With all this, it should be easy, NOT!!!

Below is a list of other tasks:

1. Develop the show objective and line up the speakers
2. Write a description of the program
3. Work with MS to design the web page and response letters. Provide MS with our logo as well as description of the event.
4. Schedule training sessions and dress rehearsal.
5. Prepare marketing material
- Get list of e-mails
- Prepare an e-mail account if folks respond to the message (i.e. not my e-mail address)
- Send out broadcast e-mail (include link to registration page)
- Prepare print description that can be handed out
6. Obtain speaker slides for the show
7. Get someone who can review and compile e-mail questions during the show.
8. Prepare an item for all staff on how to handle calls that we may get during the show (i.e. here's how to get technical support).

I'm sure this list will grow as we get closer to the show.


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