Monday, December 05, 2005

CMS update

We're two months into our content management system (CMS) implementation. The majority of our electronic content has been transferred into the system and it looks like most of the staff is using the system.

Most of our project managers seem happy about the system. Our recent modification to allow folks to access to content via the internet (externally) is seen as a a huge advantage.

One disappointment has been in the metadata directed searches. The problem with bringing over legacy documents is the limited amount of metadata (unless you touch each document). We're trying to add metadata to existing files, however, when you have an estimated 100,000 files, that's quite a task. We've also had some requests to add new metadata fields.

We just purchased a new scanner and our next phase is to begin scanning paper files. However, before we add a new layer of files, we have decided to survey users about changes they would like to see with the system. With input received, we hope that these files can be more useful.


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