Friday, January 06, 2006

KM interconnectedness

I've spent today reviewing the past year's KM activities and ideas for the future in preparation for a meeting with senior managers. We're plotting out where to put the emphasis in the coming year. Points that really struck me are:

1) Every activity required multiple individuals in multiple groups. In most cases it took longer to accomplish than expected due to hand-offs between individuals. There were delays in scheduling meetings due to working around travel schedules, losing time due to the start/stop/start nature of these activities, and often conflicting priorities.
2) Many of activities we're not core job functions, even though they were identified as important to the organization. The famous "other duties as many be assigned" clause in job descriptions.
3) We didn't reward folks enough for their extra efforts on these tasks.
4) There was often an initial compliance with the new task and then a drop off in compliance.
5) We accomplished a lot and have even more to do.

Some lessons from these:

1) Embed, embed, embed - this will be my motto. My goal will be find every opportunity to embed processes, such that they don't get forgotten after the initial push.
2) Schedule meetings when they are needed, and don't delay because everyone can't be there.
3) Focus efforts even more. Select a few activities and concentrate on moving them through completion.
4) Find more ways to acknowledge and reward these "extra efforts."


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