Thursday, March 02, 2006

Technology at work and home

I've learned a lot about blogging, through this blog. Now at home, I've started another blog focused on my hobby songwriting. I've even designed my own website which hopefully will be launched later this week. What's amazing is that after getting over the initial technology fear and reluctance, I now have little hesitation with the technology.

My work experiences supported my home activities and I'm now finding that my home experience is paying dividends here at work. I now know how the web functions, the challenges in linking, and numerous little tips that I've learned through my endless calls to customer support.

I've also learned the value of good technical support. At home, I'm the webmaster, technical writer and producer of the product (songwriting). Doing all these tasks, limits my effectiveness at producing the product. Hopefully that will change once everything is running, but now it's time (or sleep) that I can little afford to lose.


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